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Eyedesign is the product I use for all my cosmetic tattoo services. Eyedesign is from

microshade pen


Heres a glimpse of what the Micro shade tool looks like see how its different then a tattoo machine? this service is done by a tapping motion that fills in the brows with small dots to give a solid finished look without the removal of real hair.

microblade pen


Here we have the Microblade pen which is also a non electric tool its not the same as tattooing, Microblading Is done by making small hair like strokes one at time without the removal of real hair.  

Eyebrow Styles



microblading is a more natural cosmetic tattoo style. Microblading is done with a small blade that makes small incisions mimicking the appearance of eyebrow hair .



Microsahding is a gentler version of microblading, microshading is a  more solid look verses microblading is one hair stroke at a time.Microshading fills in sparse brows with small dots rather than natural hair strokes. Microshaing is recommend for more sensitive oily skin. 



Hybrid eyebrows are a combination between micro blading and micro shading, hybrids brows are recommended for those with sparse brows that want a little more glam then microblading but not as much as micro shading. Hybrid brows gives a microbaded brow more a little more depth.



What is Microblading?

Microblading  is  a cosmetic  tattoo  technique  using  super  fine  row  of  needles  to  create  thin  hairlike  strokes  on  the  epidermis  layer  if the  skin. 

The  procedure  is  done  by  depositing  pigment  color  into  the  skin , pigments  don‘t  go  any  deeper  then  the  basal  cell  layer .  Microblading  is  different  then  tattooing. Microblading  creates  a  more  crisp  natural  detailed  look  that resembles  natural  hair . 

Measuring  is done  at  the  intial  appointment  , a  few  options  when  it  comes  to measuring,  is   pencilied  brows   can  be  traced  as  shape  , or  staring  make  up  free  with  artist  shaping  them .

The difference between  traditional  tattooing  and  Microblading  is    Microblading  is  creating  one  hair  stroke at a time  manually  with  a  small  hand  held  tool thats  none   electric  , which allows  more  control  to  create  more  natural  looking  hair  strokes . 


What  is  microshading ?  

Microshading is  a more  solid glamorous look  for  those  who may  have  more  sparse  brows  microshading  fills  in  the spots  by  depositing  small  little  dots  of  pigment   into  the  skin  tissue .

 Microshading  is  recommended for  those  who  may  have  sensitive  oily  skin, Because  microshading  is  a more  solid  finished  look  it  te


What is Microshading?

Microshading is  a more  solid glamorous look  for  those  who may  have  more  sparse  brows  microshading  fills  in  the spots  by  depositing  small  little  dots  of  pigment   into  the  skin  tissue .

Microshading  is  recommended for  those  who  may  have  sensitive  oily  skin, Because  microshading  is  a more  solid  finished  look  it  tends  to  hold  better  in  the  skin  tissue  with  longer  lasting  results.

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